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BOFU plastic modular formwork

Precast Concrete Walls Reinforce Residential and Commercial Buildings

BOFU plastic formwork system

Precast concrete walls have become the preferred choice of homeowners and architects alike when considering building materials for their construction projects. This is due to their flexibility, best Formwork ease of installation, and cost-efficiency. In fact, they are now widely used to create schools, office buildings, hospitals, hidden systems, and parking garages just to name a few. Some are utilized as column covers, while others are extended panels that incorporate window openings.

Precast concrete walls are cast and cured in a controlled environment. This factory fabrication process helps ensure their quality and uniformity. Contrary to their poured counterparts, Shuttering Panel of this kind can be installed within three to four hours. Since they are cured in a factory, they can be backfilled immediately, reducing or totally eliminating the possibility of delays caused by bad weather.

plastic formwork system
 plastic formwork

These materials can be produced in virtually any color, shape, texture and finish to achieve the user’s desired appearance. The exterior surface can vary anywhere from an aggregate finish that features ornamental details, to units with textured form liner or sand blast finish. They can also be reinforced using ribbed Shuttering Panel with thin exterior shells or with foam insulation. They can even be customized during the order process so as to complement door and window openings, brick ledges, and steel beam pockets.

Typically, there are four general types of precast concrete walls used as part of building envelopes. They are cladding or curtain panels, load bearing units, shear models and formwork for cast-in-place. Cladding or curtains are designed to resist wind and seismic forces. Load bearings are capable of resisting and transferring loads from other elements but cannot be removed without affecting the stability of the edifice. On the other hand, shear units can provide buildings with lateral load resisting system, while formwork for cast-in-place models are merely applied for aesthetic purposes.

These days, hundreds of manufacturers around the country are selling these materials, ensuring competitive market and ready supply. They are made in advanced and can be readily purchased when needed at the site of construction.

BOFU plastic formwork system