BOFU plastic formwork system

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How many times your formwork can be reused?

Our formwork panels can be reused about 100 times when properly treated.

What is the material of your modular formwork?

The material of formwork is PP (Polypropylene)with long fiberglass, more strong than ordinary plastic such as PP, PE.

What is the maximum load of your formwork panels?

The maximum load of formwork panels up to 60KN/SQM, means it can cast high to 3m wall or 40cm thickness slab one time with ordinary support.

Does the formwork need oil before pouring the concrete?

Concrete does not stick to plastic, so the oil is not needed.

At what tempreture your products works?

Because the material of formwork is plastic, it will become soft at very high tempereture and become fragile at very cold weather, so we suggest to use the formwork between -10 degree and 60 degree.

How to make doors and windows?

To make doors and windows by modular formwork is simple, just inserting inside the formwork a wooden frame corresponding to the size of the opening needed, and then pour the walls with doors and windows.

windows and doors

How to make the slab with beam by your formwork?

For ordinary beam, please refer to below picture. For complex beam, or cross beam, the plywood will be needed for compensation on the joint of beams or the connection of beam and column.


What about the big column over 60cm?

For big column over 60cm, you can make it by 4pcs of outer corners and ordinary wall panels, please refer to below picture.

big column

BOFU plastic formwork system