Plastic Formwork System: For Fast and Excellence Housing

BOFU plastic formwork system

Today, the biggest problem is to build a home and sheltering it from the natural calamities. Many people move from rural areas to urban cities every year. They will be needed every year to keep pace with rapid urbanization. When it comes to building a home, the Plastic Formwork System is a strategy for building cast-in-place strengthened concrete structures. In this formwork system, the dividers or walls of a house can be built in few a days by unskilled labors by unskilled workers with privately sourced materials and minimal waste.

Plastic formwork system:

This formwork framework incorporates square plastic components, which consolidate to create the wall sections of the house. The whole structure of the house, including steel support bars, conduits, window and door frames, pipes and different fittings, which is set on the wall and once set up, these components are inserted between second layers of boards, shaping a cavity into which a lightweight mixture of cement is poured. After the mortar dries, the Formwork system is evacuated and rejoined for use at the following housing site, minimizing waste and transportation needs that are the most valuable favorable advantage of this Plastic Formwork System.

The plastic formwork packs can each be reused to cast fifty homes, after which the plastic is reused into household client items, for example, toilet seats. The outcome is a house that can both withstand unusual calamities and give warm protection and dampness resistance. Besides, it prompts local job creation without bargaining quality or reliability. The Plastic Concrete Forms System has been utilized as a part of housing task.

Advantage of plastic formwork:

Considering the work issue and the expense of formwork system at Desire Construction system thought to build up an option alternative formwork which could push the business to reduce development cost as well as a framework that is easy to install, disassemble and handle. We BOFUFORM provide the superior quality of formwork solution for housing.


  • It is cost-effective.
  • This formwork is labor friendly and eco-friendly as well.
  • It is very low in maintenance charge.
  • This formwork system is versatile.
BOFU plastic formwork system