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plastic formwork system

Formwork- An Important Factor during the Construction

BOFU plastic formwork system

Formwork in the construction field, for the most part, alludes to any mold that is consequently loaded with other material, for example, cement, to guarantee exactness and steadiness. Formworks comprise of both level and vertical supports and additionally joints between every fragment. It ought to be equipped for conveying all forced dead and live loads aside frame its own particular weight and BOFUFORM is the best provider of formworks product.

As we can say that there are two types of formworks such as timber and steel. It has been using for many years with the start of concrete construction. With the advancement of technology, today there is such other material are used in this forms like steel, plastic and fiberglass. In the formworks process, the major considerations are design, fabrication, creation and dismantling.

What should be the Quality of Formwork:

There are such major qualities that formworks must have in the construction field, such are given below-

  • It must be watertight.
  • It could be reusable and most importantly durable.
  • Its contact surface ought to be uniform.

For the successful processing, it must reach a balance of such necessities as given below-


Satisfaction: it must have the capacity to convey a legitimate shape and the backing to the liquid cement until its cure.

Quality: It must be prepared to do securely withstanding without distortion or threat weight of the liquid cement is placed on it, labor weight, equipment weight and any natural loading.

Ease of handling: Structure panel and units ought to be composed so that their most extreme size doesn’t surpass what can be effectively taken care of by hand or mechanical means. In addition, all formwork should likewise be outlined and developed to incorporate facilities for changes, leveling, facilitating and striking without harm to the concrete.

Economy: for the most part, formworks are costly. So it should be the priority of the designer not to consider the most extreme number of times that any form can be reprocessed, additionally give an outline that will minimize the time taken for creation and striking.


Quality: it must be planned and worked with adequate solidness and precision, so that the size, shape, position and the completion of the cast cement are kept up.

Safety: It must be constructed adequate quality and variety of security with the goal that they have the ability to do all supporting parts.

Economy: It must be assembled productively, cost successfully and time assent.

BOFU plastic formwork system