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Brief Description of Construction Formwork and Plastic Formwork

BOFU plastic formwork system

The construction industry in the national economy preceded only by the proportion of industry and agriculture, higher than other industries, is the pillar of the national economy. The vigorous development of the construction industry has made great contributions to economic development while changing the appearance of the city and increasing the working opportunity in urban and rural areas. There is still tremendous space for development in China’s construction industry.


Talking about the construction industry, the construction formwork have to be mentioned. The concrete formwork is a temporary support structure, which has to ensure that the quality of concrete construction and construction safety, speed up the construction schedule and reduce the cost of the project. Concrete forms is not only one form, it can be divided according to the nature of the material into the plastic formwork, covered board formwork, multi-layer board formwork, double-sided board formwork, double-sided coated architectural formwork, etc ., and divided into for-cast concrete formwork, pre-assembled formwork, large formwork, climbing formwork and more based different method of pouring concrete.


Plastic building formwork is actually a kind of construction formwork, which is widely used in the project of high-rise building and bridge construction because of its light weight, long service life, easy operation, saving time and labor. Plastic formwork has a good development prospects, because the construction formwork is an important tool for concrete structure, the formwork technology used by the construction team will directly affect the construction quality, cost and benefits. With its environmental protection and energy saving ,recycling, economic benefits, waterproof and corrosion resistant, large format, no deformation, good toughness, easy stripping and other characteristics, plastic forms has gradually replaced the plywood formwork. Thus the prospects for the development of plastic forms can be regarded as a formwork engineering materials revolution.

BOFU plastic formwork system