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Comparison of Several Construction Formowrks

BOFU plastic formwork system

Speaking of the most commonly used plastic building formwork, it is still a new type of environmental-friendly construction formwork that has only recently become hot. There are many reasons for such booming using. We do not analyze it here but make a few more practical.

BOFU plastic modular formwork for cross wall

The first is an extremely high usage turnover that attracts engineering. The second is the high-quality demoulding effect of the plastic concrete forms. The third is the light weight of the formwork, which can eliminate the need for lifting equipment, thereby saving the mechanical cost.

plastic formwork system
The building formwork is a formwork and a bracket that supports the pouring of concrete, and can be divided into many types according to the different material. But here we do not elaborate and mainly talk something more distinctive, something that can help when everyone buys a building formwork. Let’s start with the plastic building formwork.

BOFU plastic concrete formwork for construction

For today’s technology, the plastic formwork is the most versatile, and it is also the most turnover and easy-to-remove formwork. If you want to use plastic building formworks for the layout work of the project, you can combine large formwork in advance and then hoist them together. If you do not want to assemble it in advance, then set up at site is also OK.
Then said aluminum formwork, which is a new type of construction forms made of aluminum alloy, a kind of green construction formwork. It has the characteristics of fast construction, environmental protection, energy saving, use of many times, good concrete pouring results, but a one-time investment is very Large, follow-up repair costs are high.
Finally regarding the steel formwork. Although the price of the steel formwork is lower than that of the plastic and the aluminum formwork, but other invisible costs are very high. For example, the weight of steel is too large, the lifting equipment must be used so to increase the mechanical cost. Therefore, the steel formwork is gradually being replaced by plastic formworks and used only in some large-scale bridge projects.
In summary, when selecting a building formwork, it is necessary to select an appropriate forms according to the project requirements and its own conditions.

BOFU plastic formwork system