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formwork for slab

Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Building Formworks

BOFU plastic formwork system

In the construction market, the selection and using of building formwork has always been the top priority of project quality and cost control. In recent years, plastic formwork has become more and more important in the construction market.
Plastic building formworks have certain advantages. Firstly, it has the characteristics of waterproof, corrosion resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance, and are especially suitable for use in underground and humid environments. The plastic formwork has high strength, strong toughness, strong impact resistance, strong elasticity, and is not easy to be deformed, thereby greatly improving the reusable of the formworks.


Secondly, the plastic formwork has all specifications, light weight, light and easy to dismantle the mold, safe and reliable construction operation and handling, low labor intensity and high construction efficiency. The plastic formwork can be used together with various wood boards such as wood (bamboo) plywood.

formwork for slab
After testing, the normal using of plastic formwork can reach more than 30 times, which can greatly reduce the construction cost, and the used formwork panels can be recycled, which is beneficial to the development of the formwork rental business. The plastic formwork does not need to be coated with a release agent during use, and is easy to clean by just water, therefore, the cleaning and maintenance costs of the forms are reduced. The surface of the plastic formwork is smooth, and it has good peeling property from concrete so is easy to demould. It can greatly speed up the construction progress, shorten the construction period and help to realize fair-faced concrete. In case of damage, the plastic formwork can recover, regenerate and reduce the pollution of waste to the environment.

BOFU formwork advanced products
BOFU plastic formwork

Plastic building formworks also have certain disadvantages. It is a newer in the concrete forms industry, a powerful representative of the new building concrete formwork, but because it is a new form of building formwork, there are still some deficiencies compared to the steel building formwork and the wooden building formwork.
First, the static bending strength and static bending modulus of ordinary plastic building formworks are small compared with other formworks. The domestic applied plastic building formworks are lower in strength than bamboo (wood) one, and also lower than foreign ones such as GMT building formworks. The load-bearing of plastic building formwork is relatively low. The reason why it has a relatively low carrying capacity is because most of the plastic building formworks are mainly in the form of flat panels, which are mainly applied to the roof and floor slabs, , so just controlling the spacing between the secondary beams can meet the construction requirements. Therefore, if a plastic building formwork is to be applied to a wall column formwork, its strength must be high. The BOFU plastic building formwork is designed with a rib itself on the back of the formwork panels, which greatly enhances the strength of the formwork for wall formwork.

BOFU plastic formwork in UAE for slab
BOFU plastic formwork in UAE for slab

Second, the thermal expansion and contraction coefficient of ordinary plastic building formworks is larger than that of steel and wood, because plastic building formworks are greatly affected by temperature. The data shows that at high temperatures, the 3m long formwork can be stretched from 3mm to 4mm. If the construction is laid in the summer evening, the middle part of the formwork will be arched at noon. Therefore, BOFU plastic building formwork uses ABS plastic raw materials, which effectively reduces the coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction.

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Thirdly, the electric welding slag is easy to burn the plastic building formwork. When the steel bar is connected, the welding slag temperature of the electric welding is very high, and it falls on the building formwork to easily burn the board surface, which affects the surface quality of the formed concrete. The high-performance raw materials of the BOFU plastic building form ensure that the surface of the formwork can withstand spot welding without affecting the formed concrete.
In summary, if you want to use plastic building formworks to reduce engineering costs and improve engineering quality, BOFU plastic modular formwork is a good choice.

BOFU plastic formwork system