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concrete forms and concrete formwork for slab

Advantages of Plastic Building Formwork

BOFU plastic formwork system

In traditional architecture, China building is dominated by wood structures, while the west building is dominated by brick and stone structures. After entering the modern society, with the advancement of science and technology, reinforced concrete has gradually become the mainstream of modern architecture. In the process of concrete pouring, it has to resort to building formwork.
The building formwork is a framwork and bracket for concrete pouring. In the past, the traditional formwork such as wood and bamboo glue board formwork were popular in the market, which not only has low utilization rate, high use cost, but also greatly affected the environment!

In recent years, plastic building formwork has been greatly developed, and it has been widely used in construction engineering and bridge engineering, and has achieved good economic and social benefits.
The plastic formwork is an energy-saving and recyclable green environmental protection product, which not only meets the requirements of construction technology, increases the number of turnovers, saves wood resources, but also reduces the investment of construction enterprises, which is of great benefit to the users.

concrete forms and concrete formwork for slab
Advantages of plastic building formworks:
1. It has strong moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, rigid and plastic combination of template, high strength, light weight, high impact strength, sawing, planing, nailing, cold resistance and high temperature.
2, with high strength, toughness, impact resistance, strong elasticity, not easy to produce deformation, thereby greatly improving the formwork reusable times.
3. Light weight, full specifications, light and easy to dismantle the mold, safe and reliable construction operation and handling, low labor intensity and high construction efficiency.
4. It can be used together with various material boards such as wood (bamboo) plywood.
5. After testing, the normal use of plastic formwork is more than 50 times, which greatly reduce the construction cost, and the used formwork panels can be recovered after use. The old ones are replaced with new ones, which saves the cost and is more favorable, beneficial to the development of the formwork leasing industry.
6, no need to apply release agent during use, easy to clean and maintain, thus reducing the cost of template cleaning and maintenance.
7, the surface is smooth, good peeling with concrete, easy to demould, can greatly speed up the construction progress, need no rework on surface.
8. If the formwork panel is damaged, it can recover, regenerate and reduce the environmental pollution of waste. The plastic formwork has the common use of conventional building formworks and more features than the conventional concrete forms.

BOFU plastic formwork system