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Formwork Engineering And Quality Control (Ⅱ)

BOFU plastic formwork system

Ⅱ the steel formwork
China’s steel formwork has also been applied for 30 years. The use of formwork has reached more than 75%. It has been widely used in many major projects and has become an indispensable construction tool for construction workers. At present, the national steel formwork has reached more than 140 million square meters, the steel formwork and accessories have reached more than 22 billion yuan, and the steel formwork rental companies have about 13,000, and the annual lease total revenue is more than 15 billion yuan, which is a huge property.

At present, the production equipment of China’s Steel Formwork Factory is still very simple, the production process is backward, and the product quality is difficult to meet the standard requirements. Most manufacturers’ production equipment only has folding machines, rolling forming machines, and several presses and punching machines. Most of the steel forms special equipments are imitation or commissioned processing, and the processing precision is poor. Some manufacturers also use equipment manufactured by professional manufacturers. The production process and production equipment of most steel formwork factories are still in the 80s. Since the 1990s, the steel formwork production technology has not made much progress, and the production conditions of most steel formwork factories have not reached the advanced level in the 1980s.

Foundation formwork
Ⅲ bamboo plywood formwork
China’s bamboo plywood formwork is rich in material resources, and its density and strength are greater than that of wood plywood formwork. The production process of bamboo plywood formwork is basically similar to that of wood plywood formwork. It is a high-quality plywood made of bamboo monolithic film which is vulcanized by different weaving process and phenolic resin film. It is also outside the bamboo plywood. The surface is processed into a wooden bamboo plywood formwork by a single piece of wood surface coating, and the commonly used thickness is 12-15 mm. In addition to the single sheet, the bamboo plywood formwork can be cut into a sizing module. After the edge sealing process, it is assembled with the steel frame formwork and used as a medium-sized combination formwork. It has been widely used in construction projects, replacing traditional wood formwork and steel formwork.

Bamboo plywood mainly has the following characteristics:
1) The process quality is good, the strength is high, and it is not easy to have problems such as bending, deformation, slurry leakage, etc. After the mold is removed, the surface is dense and the view is good.
2 mold is convenient. Compared with traditional wood formwork and steel formwork, it is large in size, easy to cut, and can be processed into different shapes for easy preparation.
3 construction is simple and easy to assemble. Bamboo plywood is assembled into a large formwork and is lighter in weight than steel and wood molds of the same area. It has short working time and is convenient for transportation, which reduces the labor intensity of workers.
4) The construction period is short, which can reduce the construction cost. Bamboo plywood is easy to assemble and disassemble, which can shorten the construction period of the template by about 1/3, saving the cost of long-term lease of steel mold. At the same time, when removing the mold, the effect of clear water stick concrete can be achieved. Without plastering, the scraping and batching indoor putty can be directly carried out to save the construction period and reduce the cost. Be familiar with the drawings before construction and prepare the construction technical plan in time. For the operators, we must do a good job in technical disclosure, so that workers can master the essentials.

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BOFU plastic formwork system