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The Development History and Prospects of Building Formworks Ⅲ

BOFU plastic formwork system

3 Prospects for the development of building formworks
3.1 The necessity of developing new construction forms
At present, China is in the historical period of rapid development of new rural areas, urbanization and industrialization. Large-scale public facilities and high-rise buildings continue to emerge. On normal circumstances, in the construction of cast-in-place concrete structures, building formwork cost will occupy 20% of the construction cost of concrete structures, 30% of the engineering work, and about 50% of the total construction period. From this point of view, the cost, efficiency and quality of the project will be directly affected by the formwork technology. Wood plywood is the mainstream forms in the current formwork market, but this formwork has the characteristics of poor economy. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the technology investment of the formwork. It is necessary to actively seek new building formwork materials so that it not only has the basic physical mechanics of wood plywood, but also the characteristics of sustainable development. In order for the country to achieve long-term development, it is necessary to vigorously develop new materials building formworks.

3.2 Developments of the latest building formworks
China’s building structure system has developed greatly since the 1990s. Since then, high-rise buildings and super-tall buildings have been raised. At the same time, large-scale infrastructure, highways and urban traffic have also developed rapidly. These modern large-scale building systems not only have high requirements on the quality of the project, but also the construction technology is extremely complicated. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the construction technology to a large extent.

BOFU plastic modular formwork for corner wall

Moreover, new requirements have been placed on the formwork technology, and advanced formwork technology must be used. Only in this way can the requirements for modern building construction be satisfied. After summarizing the experience of formwork construction and then connecting with practice, domestic and foreign scholars are working on the development of new building formworks, hoping to solve the problems of the current forms.


What is currently being developed is a plastic building formwork. The formwork is manufactured by recycling the plastic materials, and adopts a design calculation method to achieve the mechanical properties of the building formwork. The formwork has the advantage as a building formwork. High recovery rate, good corrosion resistance, strong impact toughness, frequent turnover, and average low price. The reason for developing this type of building formwork is mainly to solve the problem that the current formwork market is inefficient and low-quality wood plywood is widely used.
4 Conclusion
Of course, the technology always improving, new materials are constantly appearing, and the formworks are constantly updated, it is believed that more new materials will apply to the manufacture of formwork.



BOFU plastic formwork system