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Application Analysis of Construction Technology of Building Formwork Ⅰ

BOFU plastic formwork system

Formwork construction is an important part of modern architecture, which determines the quality of the building and its overall stability.

The formwork can also be said to be a mold, which is formed in the actual construction application of building materials, and is usually removed after use, and has a strong temporary nature. With the development of construction engineering construction technology in recent years, people have gradually paid attention to the construction process of building formworks, and related technologies are constantly improving.

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Proper application of building formwork technology not only verifies that the overall design of the building meets relevant requirements, but also plays a key role in the sustainable development of the construction industry. Especially for some buildings with high construction difficulty and special overall style, the application of construction formwork technology in the construction process can effectively improve work efficiency and obtain higher economic benefits.

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1 The main problems in the application process of building formwork engineering construction technology
1.1 The design scheme is not perfect enough
In the construction process, there are many uncertain factors, which is also the key point of engineering quality and construction efficiency problems. Especially for the construction process of the building formwork, the material type, overall quality and model specifications of the formwork, etc., will cause the quality of the overall project to be affected. Therefore, designers need to fully consider the key points of the formwork construction technology and analyze the overall situation of the construction.

However, the actual situation is that, for a variety of reasons, such as material prices, delivery speed, etc. can not meet the construction requirements, only the formwork material can be replaced, which makes the actual construction process and design plan have a greater discrepancy, and increase The uncertainty of the construction process.

The main reason for this situation is that the designers did not communicate with each department in advance. For example, before the formwork material is determined, the material procurement department should be informed in advance to find out whether the supplier can supply normally and avoid the shortage of supply. ;

Secondly, there is no emergency plan for this situation. The design should consider the influence of the type of formwork material on the construction process of the overall building concrete forms. There should be spare materials for the selection of construction workers. This is also the main reason for the lack of perfect design. . Therefore, in view of this situation, the professional quality of the designer should be enhanced, and based on the actual situation in the construction process, comprehensive consideration should be given to various factors that may affect the construction of the building formwork, so as to prepare an emergency plan in advance to avoid the formwork material problems affect the construction period.

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BOFU plastic formwork system