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Application Analysis of Construction Technology of Building Formwork Ⅳ

BOFU plastic formwork system

2.3 Improve the professional quality of construction workers
The construction process quality and construction efficiency of the building formwork project are closely related to the professional quality level of the construction personnel. The correct construction method can improve the efficiency and ensure the safety of the construction personnel. Therefore, improving the professional quality of construction workers is the current focus of work.

First of all, it is necessary to organize training on construction technology of building formwork to improve the professional knowledge and quality of construction workers. Through training, we can broaden the field of technical application knowledge and learn more about the new construction methods of formwork to improve its construction efficiency;

formwork 2

Secondly, after each training session, the training teacher should focus on the test questions based on the classroom knowledge. It should include both theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge to ensure that while improving the theoretical level of construction workers, they can also enhance their operational capabilities, enabling them to apply new technologies in accordance with construction requirements during the work process;


Finally, it is necessary to strengthen the safety management and safety education at the construction site so that the construction personnel have sufficient safety awareness to ensure construction safety and fundamentally reduce the probability of safety accidents.

3 Conclusion
In summary, the construction technology of building formwork has an extremely important role in the overall quality of the building and the construction efficiency. The correct application of building formwork engineering construction technology can reduce the unnecessary cost waste while ensuring the stability of the building, thus ensuring the economic benefits of the construction enterprise. Therefore, construction enterprises should constantly improve and update the construction technology of building formwork to improve their competitiveness in the construction industry and lay a good foundation for the improvement of building quality.



BOFU plastic formwork system