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Application of Concrete Formwork Technology in ConstructionⅡ

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  1. Implementation Points of Concrete Formwork Technology in Construction of Building Main Body2.1 Size and position

    With the continuous improvement of China’s economic development level, the construction industry is also developing rapidly. In the process of implementing concrete construction projects, it is necessary to select reasonable construction plans and construction techniques to fundamentally ensure the efficiency of project construction. When build the main body of the building, the concrete formwork technology is used to first make the concrete formwork panels, and the relevant parts are also measured. The shape and size of the concrete formwork are accurately measured, and the corresponding formwork panel is designed according to the actual building structure form. To make concrete formwork panel, it is necessary to ensure that the concrete formwork can be accurately applied to the main construction of the building. The concrete formwork is used according to the design drawings. In order to further prevent the existence of the formwork error, the relevant quality standards of the concrete items should be clarified, to prevent potential safety hazards. The application of concrete formwork technology has strict requirements on the shape and size of the formwork structure and the size of the relevant items. Therefore, the position of the items and the size of the concrete structure should be determined in specific technical applications.
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    2.2 About the Strength of the Formwork

    The concrete formwork technology is widely used in the construction of the main body of the building. The concrete formwork mainly refers to the formwork formed by the newly poured concrete after forming, and also includes the complete set of structural systems supporting the formwork, because the classification form of the concrete formwork is different. Therefore, the problems that need to be paid attention to in technical application are also different. The quality strength of concrete formwork also has a direct impact on the practical application of concrete formwork technology. In the construction of the main body of the building, the better the rigidity, strength and structural stability of the concrete formwork, the better the building quality can be guaranteed. If the structural strength of the concrete formwork cannot meet the project construction requirements during the construction of the main body of the building, then some components of the concrete formwork cannot be balanced, and the bearing capacity is also greatly weakened. So when using the concrete formwork technology, the concrete formwork structure is generally required that the force is significantly greater than the side pressure and the overall weight of the concrete, otherwise the main structure of the building will be seriously damaged. Only when fully grasp the implementation points of concrete formwork technology, the construction efficiency can be able to effectively improved.
    2.3 Release strength

    Demolition of the concrete formwork is also part of the application of the concrete formwork technology. In the process of removing the formwork, it is necessary to test and analyze the demolding strength of the concrete to ensure the concrete strength is ≥1.2MPA, and then the fremoval work is carried out. During the specific operation process, the construction personnel strictly check the strength and quality of the concrete formwork, determine the dismantling aspect, and remove the formwork according to a certain demolition order. In this process, it is necessary to pay attention to the removal and installation sequence of the formwork is completely opposite. The panel is removed from the part of the last branch, and the part of the first branch is finally removed. In addition, the lateral support system is removed first, then the vertical support is removed, and the non-load-bearing formwork is first removed, then the load bearing part removed. In the process of construction of the main body of the building, the concrete formwork technology should be applied reasonably and effectively. It is necessary to strictly follow the relevant requirements, focus on the management of demoulding, and strictly manage the stacking work after the demolition of the formwork. The total weight of the stacking shall not exceed the concrete formwork total load weight.
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    3. Conclusion

    The rapid development of the construction industry has made the construction technology and the quality of engineering projects become the most concerned content of the society. In the process of construction, the technical cost of the concrete formwork is low, and formwork technology plays important role in improving the robustness and stability of buildings. However, in the process of applying concrete formwork technology, there are also some skill and method. Before the project construction, the relevant designers are required to effectively control the position of the formwork plane, select a more suitable template shape, and then the elevation and cross section. The size part is designed reasonably. After completing the preparatory work of this series, the technical part of the concrete formwork should be accurately marked on the construction drawing to prevent problems in the technical communication, so that all construction operations can meet the project design requirements.


BOFU plastic formwork system