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plastic formwork in U.A.E.

Application of Main Formwork Construction Technology in Building Formwork Engineering

BOFU plastic formwork system

Due to the continuous expansion of the scale of construction, traditional construction engineering techniques and methods have been unable to meet the higher needs of people’s lives and national development. For this reason, it is necessary to adopt more effective and feasible new technical means to continuously strengthen and improve the quality and function of construction projects. Construction formwork is the most important step in the construction process. The application of the main formwork construction technology will better complete this step and support the further development of the construction field.
1 Application of main formwork construction technology in building formwork engineering
1.1 Construction focus of cushion formwork
Cushion formwork is most commonly used in construction projects. This formwork has low construction difficulty and simple work content and process. The only disadvantage is that the formwork is relatively larger than other forms. Based on this, it is necessary to place the center line in the designated position before installing the formwork and then releasing the axis. Secondly, complete the calibration of the side formwork according to the edge line, and select the best fixing method to effectively fix it. Finally, after the installation work is completed, the surrounding debris must be thoroughly cleaned up, checked on time, and then finally tested, so that this work can be successfully completed.

BOFU foundation formwork in U.A.E.
BOFU plastic formwork for foundation in U.A.E.

1.2 Column formwork installation
Before installing the column formwork, install nail sponge strips at the bottom of the column, and then assemble the formwork. For column hoop installation, the calibrate working must be done before proceeding. On the installation, the formwork is prone to have problem of displacement or bending. In order to solve this problem, steel pipe hoop or reinforcement needs to be installed at the three positions of the column – above, middle and below. Attention should be paid to operating technical issue during installation. Only the formwork axis displacement and vertical deviation and the diagonal is corrected, then the column hoop bolts can be tightened. It should be noted that cleaning work must be performed before the concrete is poured, and the column mold must be kept clean, otherwise the cleaning port must not be closed.

plastic formwork for column
plastic formwork for column

1.3 Construction focus of foundation beam formwork
Based on the specific situation of housing construction, the basic beam only needs basic splicing work. During the construction process, the most important thing is whether the edge line can pop up on the cushion. After the elevation position is determined correctly, the fixing operation is performed. At the same time, during the construction of the foundation beam formwork, there are still many issues that deserve attention. For example, some sponges may be added between the two formwork panels to effectively prevent leakage. The columns must ensure the correct position. These problems are all difficult in the construction of foundation beam formworks. Construction enterprises should pay attention to these problems, take precautions, and ensure the quality of the project to the greatest extent.


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BOFU plastic formwork system