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Application of Main Formwork Construction Technology in Building Formwork Engineering Ⅲ

BOFU plastic formwork system

2 Ways to Improve Construction Technology of Main Formwork
2.1 Guarantee construction technology
The operation of the main formwork construction technology is more complicated and tedious. The construction personnel need to have professional and exquisite skills and have rich practical experience. Therefore, in order to improve the level of main formwork construction technology and ensure the quality and stability of the building construction, the construction unit must improve the management of construction personnel to ensure the high level of construction technology, construction personnel not only have professional and skilled abilities, but also have a conscious and positive attitude to fulfill this responsibility related to people’s livelihood.

2.2 Provide sufficient funds
In order to ensure the good and effective implementation of the main formwork construction technology and further improve the quality of building construction, the construction unit cannot blindly pursue efficiency and benefits, and must guarantee the construction safety and construction quality, and must provide sufficient funds during construction to ensure that materials are qualified and construction personnel are professional.
3 Conclusion
All in all, high-rising and long-span situations often occur during the construction of modern buildings, which imposes more stringent requirements on formwork projects. People in the field of construction engineering need to explore and discover new advanced technology and materials that are more effective, stronger and more economical. The main formwork construction technology is a technological breakthrough and innovation in construction field. Only in the large-scale application of the new main formwork technology in construction engineering can we provide a new extension direction for the future development of the construction field.

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BOFU plastic formwork system