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The Role of Cast-In-Place Beam Formwork Technology In Building Construction Ⅰ

BOFU plastic formwork system

With the continuous development of society, people’s requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher, especially in terms of housing. People’s demand for housing is not only about sheltering from the wind and rain, but also have higher pursuit for the beauty and art of the building. Because of this, cast-in-place formwork construction is used in the construction process. In-situ formwork construction is not only able to meet the requirements of building quality, it is of great significance to the overall appearance of the building project, which also directly promotes the modern building construction. improve dramatically.


1 Preparatory work for construction project

1.1 Overall technical construction plan of design project

In the early stage of the project, engineering technicians should determine the construction plan of the concrete plastic formwork support project according to the information and data at their disposal and the actual situation on site. The construction plan should include the entire process from the start of formwork construction to the end of formwork construction. The main content should include many issues such as building materials, building frame construction, and construction emergency. The specific details should include the details of the supporting structure construction, complete construction drawings, construction foundation treatment, concrete materials and other issues. After the design of the relevant engineering method is completed, it is subject to a comprehensive review by a number of experts, and the technical department will eventually complete the construction plan in conjunction with the review recommendations.

1.2 Formulate construction safety technical measures and design construction plans

After entering the construction site, the relevant personnel responsible for the safety of the construction site need to determine the specific construction scheme according to the relevant construction technical requirements of the current building formwork project. At the same time, the safety protection scheme must be implemented to ensure the safety and stability of the project, to avoid accidents affect the progress of the project. Not only that, the relevant technical personnel of the project construction shall determine the construction technology according to the design requirements of the project and the construction conditions on site, and determine the relevant construction measures for the cast-in-place beam formwork project based on the design plan and the actual situation of the project, and formulate the final cast-in-place Construction plan for beam formwork project.

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BOFU plastic formwork system