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Analysis and Discussion on the Causes and Treatment Strategies of Concrete Cracks in Construction Formwork Engineering Ⅳ

BOFU plastic formwork system

BOFU plastic modular formwork

2.3 Improve the concrete pouring construction process

After the completion of the concrete building, preparations such as positioning, measurement, and elastic line can be carried out, but lifting and unloading of bulk materials is strictly prohibited to avoid damage to the concrete. Only after 24 hours is it allowed to arrange the lifting of small materials in batches, so as to better handle lightly, unload, and disperse in place. It is not allowed to engage in floor formwork and floor wall formwork work in 3 days, but also needs to consider the selection of reinforcement steel bars and poles to effectively increase the support stiffness of the formwork and strengthen the area’s impact resistance.


Old wood or springboard can also be laid in new buildings The concrete surface can protect and diffuse the stress, and effectively reduce the occurrence of floor cracks.


2.4 Strengthen the post-conservation work of the construction effect.

Properly increase the temperature of the curing environment can effectively reduce the cooling rate and reduce the temperature difference between the inside and the outside, which is conducive to concrete stress relaxation and strength improvement, and avoid plastic shrinkage caused by concrete surface cracks. In the concrete surface curing process, the difference between the core temperature and the surrounding temperature should be controlled within 25 ° C. In case of stormy weather, it is also necessary to build a rainproof belt to do well drainage work, to prevent rainwater from entering the foundation pit to ensure the quality of concrete construction.


Do the pouring and curing work of the cast-in-place plate. For the concrete construction process, concrete curing is an indispensable link. If it is not maintained as required, it will not only affect its strength, but also cause excessive water loss in the hardening stage and cause shrinkage cracks. Therefore, the concrete needs to be cured in accordance with the requirements so as to effectively control the generation of cracks.


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BOFU plastic formwork system