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BOFU foundation formwork in U.A.E.

Discussion on Foundation Testing Technology and Optimization Measures of Construction Engineering Ⅱ

BOFU plastic formwork system
written by BOFU plastic modualr formwork department

1.3 Composite foundation

The basic characteristics of the detection technology developed for such foundations are obvious professionalism, so it will involve the use of a lot of professional knowledge and technology. By effectively exerting the effectiveness of various professional technologies, it can not only effectively strengthen the soil strength of the foundation pit, but also optimize the overall compression resistance of the foundation. There are many methods that can be applied in the process of concrete reinforcement. Therefore, in the actual inspection process, it is necessary to select the most appropriate inspection method based on the actual situation of the project and the foundation and the specific construction environment. For example, before using the dynamic penetration method, attention should be paid to whether the corresponding foundation pit has been subjected to dynamic compaction treatment or replacement treatment. If the sand pile or mixing pile treatment process has been used, it is necessary to consider the specific test using the load test method. At the same time, it should also be noted that after the completion of the reinforcement construction, a second inspection of the foundation pit needs to be carried out. If the prescribed reinforcement effect is not achieved, it needs to be reinforced again until the guarantee reinforcement effect meets the standard. In addition, during the inspection process, the judgment operations of the supporting layer play a high degree of effectiveness, which can have a direct impact on the overall inspection quality, especially for such foundations where the geotechnical conditions are cumbersome, if the effectiveness of the judgment operations carried out cannot be ensured , Will inevitably have a negative impact on later construction. Based on this, when testing personnel carry out their work, they should pay attention to specific tests based on the prescribed requirements and procedures, and should not be taken lightly and perfunctoryly. If it is found that there is a weak interlayer in the bedrock, it is necessary to ensure that the bearing layer continues to the top of the manually excavated pile. This requires the inspector to be able to effectively analyze the degree of weathering of the sedimentary rock, and then refer to the freshness and crack size of the broken sedimentary rock to set up the bearing layer at the pile end. Considering the impact of water on mudstone, the inspector should ensure that it can extend into the bearing layer during the drilling process and reach about 3m in the bearing layer. In addition, for the formations of Huanggangyan and other strata that are subject to fragmentation based on seismic effects, they are prone to steep dip angle cracks. Therefore, when designing the bearing stratum, attention should be paid to specific field survey related data.

BOFU foundation formwork in U.A.E.
BOFU plastic formwork for foundation in U.A.E.

2 Optimization measures

2.1 Strengthen the comprehensive quality of testing personnel

In the process of foundation inspection, the overall quality of the staff will directly affect the overall quality of the inspection. Therefore, relevant departments should pay attention to grasp the professional qualities and abilities of the staff, and pay attention to the organization of diverse training and practical activities to help them master more professional knowledge and new technologies. In the process of selecting talents, enterprises should pay attention to selecting talents with high overall quality and high business level. When configuring various tasks, they also need to refer to the characteristics of each staff to ensure that they can better play their role and Value has a positive impact on the overall level of optimized foundation detection [3].

2.2 Increase hardware investment

Whether the ground inspection can play a high effectiveness, and there is a close relationship with the related equipment and the goodness of its function. In other words, if you want to effectively ensure the accuracy of the test data, you need to use sophisticated and practical instruments. Based on this, it is necessary for construction enterprises to pay more attention to hardware investment, combine their own conditions and actual construction conditions, and actively introduce a variety of highly effective new instruments and equipment to ensure the quality of testing. 2.3 Create a complete management system A complete and efficient management system not only helps to restrict the behavior of the inspectors and mobilize their enthusiasm and initiative, but also has a positive impact on ensuring the effective implementation of the inspection work in each link, which helps to fully Make full use of the effectiveness of various detection technologies. At the same time, based on the constraints of the management system, the inspection personnel can also apply various inspection technologies in a more standardized manner. Specifically, enterprises need to combine their own actual conditions and development goals, and fully consider the construction conditions and environmental conditions of construction projects to create a complete management system, together with the corresponding management system and reward and punishment system, in order to ensure the detection At the same time of quality, it effectively improves the standardization of project construction, ensures the overall quality of the project, enhances the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and promotes the sustainable development of the enterprise.

3 conclusions

In summary, in-depth exploration and analysis of various technical points, effective exploration and application of various optimization measures will help to ensure the overall quality of construction projects, ensure construction progress and related design requirements, and make the practical value of the project more fully Play it out. Based on this, it is necessary to pay high attention to the foundation detection. During the specific construction process, it is important to understand the relevant technical points and optimization measures, which also have a positive impact on the smooth construction of later construction projects.



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BOFU plastic formwork system