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Application of Construction Technology of Anti-seismic Concrete Frame Structure Ⅱ

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1 Seismic performance analysis of concrete frame structure residential buildings

The concrete frame structure has the advantages of strong bearing capacity, flexible construction technology, and low construction cost, so it has become the main structure type commonly used in current residential buildings. However, in the residential building quality safety code, there are principle problems in the construction design principles of the concrete frame structure, which directly leads to the stability of the entire building that is easily affected by the outside world. Especially in earthquake-prone areas, residential buildings with concrete frame structures must be able to pay special attention to the design of seismic performance. In the concrete frame structure residential building, the factors that affect its seismic performance are as follows. It is required that the construction unit and design unit can take appropriate measures to optimize the control of the construction technology of the concrete frame structure, so as to exert its seismic performance. (1) Seismic mode of displacement structure. In a residential building, when an earthquake occurs, it is shaken up and down and then left and right, and the shear wave has a huge impact on the stability of the residential building. At present, the design of mobile structures can be used to reduce the damage to the overall structure of concrete frame structure residential buildings when earthquake shear waves occur. For example, it is possible to ensure that concrete frame residential buildings can resist a certain level of earthquake forces through simulation experiments on the seismic resistance of concrete frame structures and through quantitative experiments. For example, in the parameter design of the stresses of the members of the concrete frame structure, under the action of earthquake, the displacement limit of the lower layer of the building structure is within the deformation standard of the maximum earthquake resistance. Simply put, it is to ensure that the concrete frame residential building has a certain deformation value. After being affected by the earthquake, this deformation value will not affect the overall stability of the residential building. (2) The seismic performance of building materials. The quality of building materials and various parameter specifications also have seismic performance. Therefore, in the construction technical points of the concrete frame structure, it is necessary to be able to realize the seismic resistance analysis of the quality of various construction materials and material parameters, so as to meet the residential building requirements for the ductile structure component materials. (3) The seismic performance of the seismic line. In the seismic performance of residential building structures, the important design parameters of the seismic defense line building structure. Through the improvement of the performance of anti-seismic line, the anti-seismic effect can be achieved. In this regard, in concrete frame structure residential buildings, the shear wall can take the role of seismic line. As shown in Figure 1 below, the frame-shear structure has a higher seismic level. Therefore, it is possible to design as many shear wall structures as possible.

formwork and building

2 The main reason for the low seismic resistance of concrete frame structure residential buildings

2.1 Unreasonable structural arrangement

The construction of concrete frame structure residential buildings does not only consider an earthquake resistance performance, but also requires consideration of economy, fire safety performance, etc. Therefore, in the actual construction process, the designer or the construction personnel made minor adjustments to certain seismic design of the residential building structure due to various non-seismic requirements. As a result, the seismic resistance of the concrete frame structure is not high. For example, according to the “Code for Seismic Design of Buildings” (GB50011-2012), residential buildings under concrete frame structures must be designed in accordance with the principle of “strong columns and weak beams” so that the beams of concrete frame structures can be used during earthquakes. The deformation and displacement occurred first, and the frame column was still completed, so as not to cause the entire building to collapse. However, in actual construction, the designer failed to realize the calculation and design of the mechanical parameters of each part of the overall frame due to various factors.

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