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Application of Construction Technology of Anti-seismic Concrete Frame Structure Ⅲ

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2.2 The choice of construction materials does not meet the design principles

In the field construction management of the concrete frame structure of residential buildings, the application of construction materials for anti-seismic performance is not optimistic. On the one hand, it is because in the construction design link, the calculation and determination of the parameters of various building materials cannot be carried out, only the calculation management of the overall project total. Therefore, in the selection of on-site materials, the seismic performance of the materials cannot be referred to. On the other hand, the rapid development of the construction industry has led to the emergence of anti-seismic materials companies on the market, with uneven quality. On-site construction management neglects the inspection and management of various building materials, which results in poor application of seismic materials and poor seismic performance.

3 Key points of construction technology to improve the seismic resistance of concrete frame structure residential buildings

3.1 Analysis of construction main points of residential building concrete integral frame

In order to improve the seismic performance of buildings in the design of residential building structures, it is also necessary to strengthen the seismic structure design. Especially in the design of residential building structures, the seismic structure design should start from multiple angles to improve the seismic performance of the building. For residential buildings with concrete frame structures, the beam-column nodes in the structure are prone to displacement and other vibration problems when they are shaken by the outside world. Therefore, it is required to do seismic construction of these special structural points in structural construction management. For example, for the displacement of beam-to-column joints, the construction of column stirrups can be implemented for the joint area. The quantitative parameters were set according to the seismic resistance of the concrete frame structure in the early stage, and then this parameter was subdivided into the number and spacing of the column stirrups in each beam-column node area of the building. The main method is to bind the stirrup first and then weld the stirrup to the main rib. In the construction on site, it is required to pay attention to the location of the binding and the firmness of the binding. At the same time, it is also required to do a good job in the construction management of the mechanical position of the frame beam and column. In actual construction, once the position of the frame column joint is no longer the bearing area of the node area, it is easy to cause the node bearing pressure of the entire frame structure to become smaller. The displacement caused by the seismic shear wave is greatly affected, which affects the overall performance of the concrete frame structure. The realization of the seismic performance of the concrete frame also needs to rely on the principle of “strong columns and weak beams”. Therefore, if the structural columns have sufficient bearing capacity, it is necessary to properly arrange the construction number and construction location of the structural columns. At the same time, the construction of the internal reinforcement of the structural column must be completed up and down. In the process of concrete pouring, the overall quality of the structural column can be ensured, the displacement of the reinforcing steel can be avoided, and the bearing capacity of the structural column becomes smaller.

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