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Application of Construction Technology of Anti-seismic Concrete Frame Structure Ⅳ

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3.2 Analysis of construction points of concrete engineering

The application of construction materials and construction quality control of the concrete frame structure also have an impact on its seismic performance. Therefore, it is required to be able to control the quality of concrete materials in construction technology control. Building materials play an important role in the quality and safety of construction projects and the design of various parameters. First of all, it must be possible to strictly control the quality of construction materials. Avoid some unqualified construction materials entering the construction site, affecting the quality safety and seismic performance of residential buildings; followed by controlling the performance parameter ratio between various construction materials. In concrete construction, the ratio of various raw materials, mixing time, direction, etc. will affect the performance of the final concrete structure. Therefore, it is required to be able to do a standardized design of various parameter ratios in the design, and the construction site shall carry out the strict execution of these parameters according to the design standards, strict control of concrete construction process and the choosen of formwork for pouring. The time of concrete pouring and the quality of pouring will directly affect the bearing capacity and stability of the concrete structure. This requires good supervision and management of on-site pouring measures. According to the different component sizes of the concrete structure of the residential building and the location of the components, a scientific pouring scheme is formulated to ensure the smooth deployment of the pouring. For example, in the pouring process, the concrete that has been poured must be fully vibrated to avoid structural problems such as pitting of components.

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