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Common Quality Problems of Construction Engineering and Management Measures Ⅰ

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Abstract: Taking a residential area as an example, the article analyzes the common quality problems existing in the project, including slope collapse in excavation, loose joints of formwork, corrosion of steel bar surface, concrete exposed reinforcement, etc., and proposes targeted quality management measures . This research provides a practical guarantee for the effective prevention and control of project quality diseases and the improvement of overall project quality.
Keywords: construction engineering; common quality problems; quality management; formwork; plastic formwork


With the rapid development of construction technology, new structures and techniques are widely used in engineering construction, which significantly improves the quality of the project. However, due to the numerous construction procedures and complex links, common quality problems are likely to occur once improper management, which not only adversely affects the function of the building, but also hinders the use of the building. In this regard, in order to ensure the smooth application of the project, effective management measures should be taken to ensure the quality and quantity of the overall project.

1 Project overview

This project is the Eaton Manor community, located at the intersection of Xuefeng Road and Huadu Avenue in a certain county. It is a commercial residential community with supporting commercial facilities and underground garages. The total construction area is 140592.7m² and the area is 67490.97m², of which the above-ground buildings The area is 106613.2m², and the underground construction area is 28776.48m². The main body of the building is a frame-shear structure, the fortification intensity of the project is 7 degrees, and the fire and fire resistance rating: Grade 2 above ground and Grade 1 underground.
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2 Common quality problems of construction engineering

2.1 Slope collapse during excavation

In this project, after leveling the site, the excavation slope earthwork occurred and a large-scale collapse occurred. The main reason is that the mechanical leveling did not strictly follow the top-down order, and the excavation was organized in layers, which caused the slope to be too large or the toe of the slope was damaged, and the slope was not stable enough, so a collapse occurred. When excavating where there is surface water and groundwater, scientific and efficient precipitation and drainage methods are not used. Surface stagnant water or groundwater intrudes into the slope, causing the soil viscosity to decrease, and the position of the slope toe is affected by erosion. Hollowing, not stable enough under the influence of gravity, leading to collapse.

2.2 The formwork seams are not tight

In this project, the joints between the formwork were not tight enough, and there were gaps. During the concrete pouring, there were leaks, honeycomb pitted surface, etc., and there were also a large number of holes and exposed tendons in serious places. The main reason is that the samples were not carefully reproduced in the engineering construction, the formwork was not made in strict accordance with the regulations, the quality problem of plywood formwork and the joints were too large during assembly; the installation period of the wooden formwork was too long, and cracks occurred under the effect of drying shrinkage; during concrete pouring , The wooden formwork is not watered and moistened in advance to make it expand; at the position where the beam and the column intersect, the joint size corresponds inaccurately, and the misalignment occurs.

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2.3 Surface corrosion of steel bars

In view of the corrosion diseases on the steel bar surface in this project, there are mainly three types: floating rust, old rust and old rust. The specific manifestations are shown in Table 1. The main reasons are improper storage methods, long-term erosion by rain and snow; humid storage environment, poor ventilation and other factors.

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BOFU plastic formwork system