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wood formwork

Common Quality Problems of Construction Engineering and Management Measures Ⅲ

BOFU plastic formwork system

3 Effective measures for construction project quality management

In response to the above-mentioned quality problems in the project, targeted quality management measures should be taken to ensure the quality of each production and construction link, thereby ensuring the overall project safety.

wood formwork

3.1 Earthwork

In view of the quality defects of the excavation slope collapse in the project, the following measures can be taken to treat: For temporary slope collapse, the collapse can be cleaned up, the slope top line can be moved backward, and the slope can be slowed down. For local landslides of permanent slopes, after the landslide loosened soil has been cleaned up, the landslide shall be filled with stones, and backfilled in layers from bottom to top, with a 2:8 ratio of lime soil for embedment and contact with the soil slope, the position is stepped lap to make it closer.

3.2 Template engineering

In view of the problem of the loose joints of the template in this project, the sample should be carefully reproduced. It should be divided into multiple details according to the ratio of 1:10 or 1:50. The detailed annotations will be edited and confirmed to the technical staff after repeated confirmation. Strengthen the operator’s quality awareness, carefully produce the finalized formwork and assembly; strictly control the moisture content of the wooden formwork, and make the joints tightly during production, the installation period of the formwork should not be too long. In the concrete pouring, the wooden formwork should be wet in advance to make it expand and seal. Support should be done at the junction of beams and columns, and the joints should be tighter, and the misalignment should be corrected in time.

3.3 Rebar Project

In view of the corrosion on the surface of the steel bars in this project, specific measures can be taken for different types of corrosion, as shown in Table 2.
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BOFU plastic formwork system