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Construction site quality control and safety management of building engineering Ⅰ

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Abstract: For construction projects, safety issues are the most important, but the quality of the project is the premise of ensuring safety, so safety and quality are inseparable. This article analyzes and discusses the quality control and safety management of the construction site, and puts forward specific measures to solve the problems in the construction project.

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As a construction project, quality and safety always take the first place. The quality and safety of construction projects are closely related to people’s production and life. Therefore, it has also become an issue that the society attaches great importance to. Whether the construction site of a project has the conditions for safe construction is related to the survival and development of the construction enterprise. Once the quality and safety problems of the construction project occur, the development of the construction enterprise will be seriously affected. To ensure the quality and safety of the construction project on-site is a necessary weapon for the long-term survival and development of the construction industry.

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1 Safety management content of the construction site

1.1 Safety analysis of the construction site

The construction site of the project must be properly analyzed and evaluated. The content of the analysis includes whether the actual operating environment of the construction site is stable, and secondly, whether the natural environment can affect the normal construction, and which of the natural factors are beneficial to the construction and which ones is an unfavorable factor for the construction, and how much impact the unfavorable factor will have on the construction site. In addition, it is necessary to analyze the potential hazards of the construction project itself, and to analyze the probability of accidents in the construction. Only through comprehensive analysis can a correct evaluation be made.

There are many safety analysis contents for construction operations, and the main factors are: First, human factors.

In the actual construction, the reception, transmission and execution of information are all carried out by people. Therefore, in the construction process, all aspects of people must be analyzed and comprehensively evaluated, such as whether the constructors are mentally healthy, their age, education, social background, family economic background, personal safety awareness, and fatigue at work. This is to ensure the safety of the entire project.

Second, the mechanical equipment factor.

The content of the safety analysis of mechanical equipment includes the size of the safety factor of the equipment, and the conditions under which these equipment can ensure the safety of construction.

Third, environmental factors.

There are also many factors that affect the safety of construction. It is necessary to consider whether the environment affects the mood of the operators and whether it can allow the construction staff to concentrate and devote themselves to the construction.

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BOFU plastic formwork system