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Construction site quality control and safety management of building engineering Ⅱ

BOFU plastic formwork system

1.2 Corresponding construction techniques and methods

At the construction site of a construction project, it is necessary to ensure the normal progress of the construction. On-site safety is a necessary guarantee. If a safety accident occurs, it will inevitably be suspended, which will cause the delay of the entire project progress and prevent the completion of the project on time. Not only will it cause economic losses to construction companies, but it will also affect social benefits. Therefore, safety precautions must be taken at the construction site of a building project. This requires corresponding control technologies and methods. With safety control technologies and methods, effective control can be taken in time when emergencies are encountered to minimize the loss and impact and ensure that the construction site continues.

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For example: the following items need to be paid attention to during the construction of the high-supported formwork site:


(1) Before the formwork is installed, check the quality of the formwork (including steel pipes, structural fittings, etc.). Those that do not meet the quality standards shall not be put into use.


(2) Beam formwork: prevent The beam body is not straight, the bottom of the beam is not flat and deflection, the side mold of the beam is exploded, and the partial mold is embedded between the columns and beams, making it difficult to remove. Measures: ①When supporting the mold, the principle of wrapping the bottom mold of the side mold should be followed. The size of the blanking at the connection between the beam mold and the column mold should generally be slightly shortened; ②The beam side mold must have presser foot plates, diagonal braces, etc. Side nailed. The beam bottom formwork is arched according to regulations; ③Before concrete pouring, the formwork should be fully poured with water.

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(3) Slab formwork: to prevent the middle part of the slab from bending down and the concrete surface at the bottom of the slab is not flat. Measures: ①The thickness of the rake formwork should be the same, the wooden corrugated material should have sufficient strength and rigidity, and the wooden corrugated surface should be flat. ②The supporting roof should meet the requirements of the specified main control project, and different types of steel pipes should not be mixed. Strictly follow the above table. It is required to control the verticality of the installation of the steel pipe. ③The plate formwork shall be arched according to the regulations.


(4) The local settlement of the steel pipe support: add a wooden beam under the steel pipe support to meet the requirements of bearing capacity and take unloading measures.


(5) Steel pipe erection The rod base is unstable as a whole: the free length of the adjustable bracket bolts should not exceed 30cm, and the horizontal and vertical horizontal tie rods should be connected with adjacent solid objects (such as columns, etc.) to prevent displacement of the steel pipe vertical rod.


1.3 Reasonable evaluation mechanism

During the construction of a construction project, there will be many evaluation indicators as references. These indicators include people and things, human indicators such as biological rhythm, consciousness, experience, status, and error conditions, and physical indicators such as equipment failures and construction techniques. With these indicators, it is possible to detect hidden dangers at the construction site, and then divide the types of dangers, and take corresponding measures, such as formulating corresponding prevention systems and plans according to the characteristics of the dangers, preventing dangers, and ensuring safety in advance Protection management.


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BOFU plastic formwork system