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Construction site quality control and safety management of building engineering Ⅲ

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2 Problems in construction

In construction engineering, the main problem is quality. However, poor engineering quality control will often adversely affect production safety. Generally speaking, the quality problems of construction projects are related to many factors. The details are as follows:


(1) The materials are not good enough. There are many unqualified products on the market, and some construction companies often use unqualified materials in order to reduce costs, which obviously poses a threat to the entire project. For example, the low quality of construction formwork may cause the leak of the concrete walls.

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(2) The professional level of the construction personnel is not high. The lack of professionalism of the construction personnel will also make the quality of the project not up to standard. From the perspective of the entire construction industry, except for the engineers who are more professional, most of the construction personnel are not high in professional level. They often ignore the standard operation, do not understand the rules and regulations and the signs, or have errors in understanding, or misleading in construction work can easily bury quality and even safety hazards. In addition, the construction personnel only care about completing their own tasks, and often ignore other things, which leads to the lack of timely feedback on some problems, which leads to accidents.


(3) Incomplete quality management. The safety problems in some construction projects are due to the excessive pursuit of economic benefits by construction companies, neglect of quality supervision and management, and contempt for evaluation. The quality management and evaluation mechanism of some construction units is not sound, there are many loopholes, the theory is very strong, and the practice is weak, which causes engineering quality problems.

3 Measures for construction quality and safety management

3.1 Improve safety awareness and ensure quality

Only when there is quality, there is benefit. And only when safety is guaranteed, the quality is guaranteed. For all the staff of the entire construction enterprise, safety awareness must be raised to ensure the quality of the project. Safety awareness and quality assurance should be paid attention to in every aspect of construction projects. From the beginning to the end of construction, not only to meet the technical and technological needs of customers, but also to ensure the safety and quality of the project.


From the beginning of the project, safety inspections on the construction site are required before the weekly project meeting, and then the quality and safety parts of the project are analyzed and reported to effectively guide the next construction work to ensure the quality of each link of the project, so as to ensure the quality and safety of the entire project.

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BOFU plastic formwork system