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concrete forms and concrete formwork for slab

Construction site quality control and safety management of building engineering Ⅳ

BOFU plastic formwork system

3.2 Strengthen training and education

There is a common phenomenon among the staff of construction projects that they are not strong enough to control the construction site, and they do not have enough professional knowledge. Therefore, for construction companies, it is necessary to strengthen the professionalism of all construction personnel, knowledge training, familiarity with engineering drawings, a comprehensive understanding of the key and difficult points of the project, and do a good job of technical clarification.


At the same time, every manager and operator must improve their safety awareness and have a correct understanding of the various terms and signs of the construction management system, especially the management personnel in the construction project, to improve their own management capabilities and organization and coordination capabilities. Have sufficient survey capabilities for the environment of the construction site, on the one hand, can eliminate potential safety hazards in time, and on the other hand, when a safety hazard is discovered, reasonable measures can be taken to avoid safety accidents.


BOFU formwork for slab and beams
BOFU formwork for slab and beams

3.3 Control the quality of raw materials

During the construction process, it is necessary to supervise and control the quality of semi-finished products and raw materials, which is an important link to ensure the quality of the project. Because in the construction process, construction materials and semi-finished products are the direct factors that affect the quality of the project. Strict inspections are required when entering the site.


The materials shall be checked whether they have qualified certificates, models and specifications, and whether their performance is consistent with the construction items. According to relevant regulations, retests of cement, formworks, waterproof and other materials shall be carried out. If it is a material that is fragile, easily deformed, easily wet, and easily polluted, strict monitoring must be carried out during transportation, installation and stacking.


3.4 Create a safe and civilized construction environment

To create a safe and civilized construction environment, we must first establish an effective safety production responsibility system and personnel structure, and secondly, formulate effective safety production measures, formulate special construction plans for different construction projects, and provide corresponding safety management measures to ensure construction can be carried out in an orderly and unstable manner. Third, safety warning signs and slogans should be effectively set up at the construction site, and publicity boards related to safety production should be established to alert the construction workers of the importance of safety in production at all times.


Construction projects have corresponding fees for safe and civilized production measures, and the use of this amount of money needs to be supervised so that it can be used to create a safe and civilized construction environment.


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BOFU plastic formwork system