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Research on the Deepening Design of Plastic Formwork for High-rise Buildings Ⅰ

BOFU plastic formwork system

Abstract: With the development of society, the level of construction technology of construction engineering is constantly improving, which has a great effect on the progress of the construction industry. At the same time, the development of the construction industry also drives the improvement and innovation of various technologies. In civil engineering, plastic modular formwork is currently a common support structure. The system is environmentally friendly, saves materials and labor, and can improve the appearance quality. Therefore, more and more projects begin to use plastic formwork for construction. system. However, there are still some shortcomings in the current application of plastic formwork, and it is necessary to deepen the design and improve the level of construction technology. For this reason, we must analyze the methods of deepening the design and optimizing construction technology on the basis of clarifying the advantages and disadvantages of the plastic formwork system.

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Keywords: high-rise building; plastic modular formwork; deepening design; construction technology


1 Advantages of using plastic formwork in high-rise buildings

1.1 Light weight and convenient construction

Compared with steel formwork, plastic formwork has a lighter weight. Therefore, in the construction of concrete high-rise building formwork, it has a more convenient way of disassembly and assembly than steel formwork. The material transfer port transfers each component without hoisting as a whole. Compared with wooden formwork, plastic formwork has greater rigidity, stronger bearing capacity and strength, and better stability. It can be used for multiple cycles in the construction of specific high-rise buildings. It has obvious advantages in concrete appearance and molding. , In particular, it has a more precise precision than the wooden template, and the molding quality is good, which can be maintained for a long time.

concrete forms
BOFU plastic formwork system for foundation in U.A.E.

1.2 Low cost

Cost is another advantage of plastic formwork. Plastic formwork can be used for multiple cycles, and the higher the floor, the more it can highlight the cost advantage of plastic formwork. Therefore, plastic formwork technology is not suitable for applications in low-floor buildings such as villas and bungalows, unless this structural system can be used in projects with a high degree of standardization and flowable development. In practical applications, plastic templates usually need to be rented from manufacturers instead of purchased. Even so, plastic templates are more cost-effective than wooden templates. In the actual construction, there is no need to replace as frequently as the wooden formwork. The plastic formwork has high strength and is not prone to damage during construction, so the replacement rate is obviously low, which can also reflect the cost advantage of the plastic formwork. In addition, with the advancement of projects and increasing labor costs, companies need to invest more woodworking costs, and there is often a lack of woodworking technicians. However, the disassembly and assembly of the plastic formwork is relatively simple and does not require high construction technology. Therefore, it can ensure that the enterprise obtains more workers and reduce the pressure on labor costs.

1.3 Fast progress

The quick-release system adopted by the plastic formwork can quickly remove the mold after the concrete strength reaches the standard, and it can be quickly turned to the upper layer for continued use after it is cleaned up. Compared with the traditional wooden formwork, the construction speed of the plastic formwork is greatly improved, and the operation level of the workers is continuously improved, the construction speed of the plastic formwork will be further improved. After processing, each plastic template has its own number, and the staff can master the installation skills and storage methods according to the number. Therefore, if the team has a proficiency level, the construction period can be greatly saved.

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BOFU plastic formwork system