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concrete forms and concrete formwork for slab

Analysis of the application process principle of early-demolition formwork in construction Ⅰ

BOFU plastic formwork system

Abstract: early-demolition formwork is an important part of building construction technology. By applying early dismantling formwork in construction activities, construction costs can be reduced and the construction level of construction projects can be improved. In order to strengthen the application effect of early-demolition formwork, the construction unit needs to focus on researching the process principle of early-demolition formwork, reasonably standardize the application of early-demolition formwork, and give full play to the value of early-demolition formwork in construction projects.

Key words: early dismantling of formwork, process principle, construction, plastic formwork


Today’s buildings are mostly concrete structures. During construction, the construction unit needs to use formwork to ensure the stability of the concrete structure. With the rapid development of social economy, formwork technology has entered a new level of development. Among them, the early demoulding construction technology has been used by construction units. Since early dismantling construction technology is more difficult to construct than traditional formwork construction technology, it is necessary for the construction unit to explore the scientific application strategy of early-demolition construction technology, build a perfect early dismantling removal construction technology application system, and then better guide construction.

1 early-demolition formwork technology

In the context of the rapid development of the construction industry, the construction technology has become more and more mature, and the construction level has been continuously improved. The emergence and application of early-demolition formwork technology represents the progress of construction technology. In order to improve the application of early-demolition formwork technology

concrete forms and concrete formwork for slab

To ensure the construction quality of construction projects, it is necessary to know the application method of early-demolition formwork technology and master the application skills of early-demolition formwork technology [1]. Through research, it is found that the technical operation of early dismantling of formwork includes two major requirements. On the one hand, the technical operation is carried out in a short-span load-bearing manner; on the other hand, the load-bearing capacity of the concrete structure should be considered when operating the early formwork removal technology, and the time and sequence of formwork removal should be controlled according to the construction conditions and needs of the project. In this case, the safety and reliability of the project construction can be better guaranteed. Shoring props, ejector rods, cross rods and adjustable assembled early dismantling formwork columns are the support systems of the formwork to ensure the stability of the structure [2]. The vertical rod is the basic force-bearing unit in the scaffolding system, and the bracket is composed of tie rods. The large lead screw of the first dismantling column is inserted into the bracket hole to form a formwork, the keel is placed on the bracket of the column that was dismantled earlier, and the formwork is placed on the keel, thereby forming an early dismantling formwork system [3]. The process principle of early formwork removal is to ensure the stability of the concrete structure and improve the formwork removal efficiency by reducing the structural span and reducing the internal force of the concrete after formwork removal. By dismantling the formwork early, the turnover rate of the formwork can be ensured and the input cost of engineering materials can be reduced. In order to improve the level of formwork installation and dismantling, it is necessary to seriously study the construction technology and master the application skills of construction technology.

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BOFU plastic formwork system