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BOFU plastic formwork in UAE for slab

Analysis of the application process principle of early-demolition formwork in construction Ⅱ

BOFU plastic formwork system

2 The application value of early-demolition formwork technology in construction

2.1 Reduce costs and expenses

Construction costs affect the economic benefits of construction units. In order to improve their own economic income, construction units will actively explore ways to reduce construction costs. By using the early-demolition formwork construction technology, the construction unit can improve the formwork turnover rate, improve the formwork utilization rate, and achieve the purpose of reducing costs.

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2.2 Reduce the dependence on tower cranes

In the process of construction, the construction unit needs to apply the tower crane to lift the materials. In traditional formwork construction, the construction unit needs to use tower cranes many times when hoisting materials, hoisting formwork, and removing formwork. Although the construction unit will also apply tower cranes when applying early formwork construction technology, the number of tower cranes used is significantly less than that of traditional formwork construction. Therefore, by applying the early dismantling formwork construction technology in the construction project, the dependence on the tower crane can be reduced.

2.3 Improve construction efficiency

The construction unit needs to effectively improve the construction efficiency and reasonably control the construction progress. In traditional formwork construction, construction units spend a lot of time in configuring large steel forms, hoisting formwork, and removing formwork. By applying the construction technology of early dismantling formwork in construction activities, the efficiency of the whole formwork construction can be improved and the work pressure of construction personnel can be reduced.

BOFU plastic formwork system