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Analysis of the application process principle of early-demolition formwork in construction Ⅲ

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3 The specific application of early dismantling formwork in construction

3.1 Construction design of early dismantling formwork

Before applying the early dismantling formwork construction technology, it is necessary to know the concrete structure information in advance, including the bearing capacity of the concrete structure, the structure size, the layout, etc. At the same time, according to the concrete structure information, project construction quality standards, project progress, etc., design the construction plan of early dismantling formwork, and construct the construction system of early dismantling formwork. It is worth noting that the demolition reserved part and the demolition part should be marked in the construction drawings to ensure the smooth progress of the formwork demolition work.

cross wall formwork 1

3.2 Early dismantling template installation

The early formwork removal installation is an important part of the early formwork removal construction technology. For the construction unit, it is necessary to scientifically control the early formwork removal installation work. Through the research, it is found that there are two kinds of early demoulding installation methods, one is the flowing water support method, and the other is the comprehensive mold support method. The water-supporting formwork method is to steadily advance the installation work according to the formwork installation process. Under the flowing water formwork method, the installation of the support system should be done first, and then the hoisting formwork should be applied to install the formwork. The comprehensive formwork method is to conduct a comprehensive layout of the formwork installation work first, and then carry out the installation work. Specific installation work: First, splicing the four supporting columns of the diagonal, transverse braces and joists into a frame, and then gradually install the formwork of each unit. The construction unit needs to choose the early formwork removal and installation method according to the project requirements, so as to ensure the quality of the early formwork removal and installation work.

3.3 Early dismantling of formwork

In the process of applying the construction technology of early dismantling formwork, it is necessary to do a good job of dismantling the early dismantling formwork. Before removing the formwork, it is necessary to understand the strength of the curing test block and the strength of the concrete. When it meets the demolition standards, the construction unit can officially promote the demolition work. Among them, when the strength of the curing test block is greater than 10MPa and the strength of the concrete reaches 50% of the standard value, the formwork can be removed. When the formwork demolition is officially carried out, the construction personnel need to grasp the demolition process and advance the demolition work scientifically. First, lower the lift head and remove the formwork and joists. Secondly, do a good job in the protection of unremoved structures to prevent safety problems. Finally, according to the dismantling process, the dismantling of the formwork is carried out in turn.

3.4 Recycling of early dismantled formwork

After the formwork is removed, the construction unit needs to apply the removed formwork to the next construction activity. By applying the formwork reasonably, not only the construction funds can be saved, but also the construction progress of the project can be guaranteed. Therefore, the construction unit needs to make construction arrangements to better recycle the formwork.

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