BOFU plastic formwork system

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BOFU Formwork

In the construction field, with many years of experience, BOFU has stood up as a world’s best creator and developer towards solving the forming of structural components in building or apartments, private homes and service projects. Formwork basically is a subordinate construction that is used for a structure as a molding technique. It is an arrangement that used to shape reinforced concrete or similar material while it is setting. The formworks are made of wood or metal such as steel or aluminum, but now a revolutionary material has taken over- plastic.

Today, BOFU continue to make an improvement in this field. We believe, provide the superior quality of products, to our customers that come with a moderate price and environmentally friendly advantages. In addition, we offer every possible service with the aim of upgrading our scope of formwork systems and with that we also work towards to deliver the expert solutions with the point of having the capacity to tackle each sort of plans and structural components.

We are the masters in every kind of construction such as residential and commercial building and renovation projects. We can deal with each kind of an extreme circumstance with a wide experience so as to maximize and value added to the finished project.

BOFU provides their Formwork products in every corner of the world, including the U.A.E., Kazakhstan, Russia, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia, etc. and renowned for their various innovative formwork techniques in worldwide.

BOFU plastic concrete formwork for construction
BOFU plastic concrete formwork system for foundation in U.A.E.
BOFU plastic formwork system